utglr31_for_Linux (201.8 kb version)

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utglr31_for_Linux (201.8 kb version)

Post by sxxxe83 »

Name: utglr31_for_Linux (201.8 kb version)
Use: Linux port of the "Enhanced OpenGL Renderer"
Game: Unreal Tournament

See you already have a version there, but that did not work for me.

Found this one here:

And it works flawless ;)
Maybe linux players might need it too.


Yeah, I saw it, its the same source. But still the "OpenGLDrv.so" file if your archived version is at 235.1 kb, and that version is not working for me.

When I downloaded it from the source it is 201.8 kb and working, dunno if he did some changes and the version you got was early or something...


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Re: utglr31_for_Linux (201.8 kb version)

Post by Skillz »

Got the http://stephan.kochen.nl/proj/OpenGLDrv.so file added to the repository. Thanks.
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