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Name: Unreal Tournament Damage Control (UTDC)
Author(s): TroubleSome
Download: UTDC21.zip

Previous versions: Description:
UTDC is a protection against hook based cheats. It is highly configurable and will detect all publicly known hook based cheats (i know of as of this date 19/04/08). However since the detection methods are in constant development it may contain bugs!

How to install?
[Client Installation]

1: Extract the 'Client' folder content in the zip file to your UnrealTournament\System directory.

[Server Installation]

1: Extract the 'Server' folder content in the zip file to your server's UnrealTournament\System directory.
2: Add the following lines under [Engine.GameEngine]:
3: Modify settings in ActionMan.ini (not necessary)
4: Start server (necessary)

NOTICE: Do *NOT* put UTDCAMv12 in ServerPackages list.

Clients will then be asked to confirm the automatic installation of the utdc dll when they join the server. Automatic installation may fail for some clients so you may provide a download link for manual installation (see settings).

2.1: [FIXED] Bugs!

2.0d: [CHANGED] Lots!

2.0c: [FIXED] Bug fragging!

2.0b: [FIXED] WinXP64 crash & some other stuff!
[ADDED] MAC hash (don't work on older window versions).

2.0: [CHANGED] Lots!

1.8: [ADDED] Detection/Disabling of some ufunction calls.
[FIXED] Duplicate native error.
[FIXED] Windows 9x crash.
[FIXED] Windows 2000 corrupt memory logging.

1.7c: [FIXED] Found false positives.

1.7b: [ADDED] Auto sending of screenshots from logged players
[ADDED] Screenshooting with configured screenshot password
[FIXED] Found false positives.

1.7: [ADDED] Sending of screenshots from clients
[ADDED] Winamp control
[ADDED] New checks
[FIXED] Found false positives.
[FIXED] False positives for players who come from a QValidate server.

1.6b: [ADDED] Compatibility for Tactical Ops
[Changed] Check of running processes
[FIXED] Logo destroying the HUD mutator chain

1.6: [ADDED] New hook checks
[ADDED] Check of running processes
[ADDED] Detection of master timer and speed hacks
[FIXED] False positives with the memory scan
[Changed] You must be 2 or more on the server for UTDC to be active

1.5: [ADDED] Full memory scan of important modules
[ADDED] Option to allow multiple MD5 hashes for 1 file name
[FIXED] False positives for hacked packages with the log message "FILE NOT FOUND"
[FIXED] Linux and Mac clients getting kicked when option was set to allow them
[Changed] Installation window is centered so people with weak vision can find the window

1.4: [ADDED] MD5 File checking
[ADDED] Anticheat messages for cheaters ;)
[FIXED] Players can't connect because of cache expirary

1.3b: [ADDED] Kick event for other mods to pickup
[ADDED] Force native spawn option

1.3: [ADDED] Compatibility for UT version 4.51a
[ADDED] Option to select which UTPG UT versions that are allowed on server
[ADDED] Hook match for easy hook identification
[FIXED] Various bugs

1.2b: [Fixed] No players could join when the game was paused
[Fixed] Creative patch users was detected of having a hooked ut
[Fixed] OS compatibility option (hopefully - can't test it..)

1.2: [ADDED] Option to let UTDC turn off protection for linux and mac clients allowing them to play on the server.
[ADDED] Command to see if anyone is excluded from check.
[CHANGED] UTDC will not create empty logfiles when logging to external log files.
[CHANGED] Safekick option will only kick/ban catches that look like helios hook 1.0 to 3.1

1.1: [ADDED] Option to only log catches
[ADDED] Option to log to external log files
[ADDED] Option to only kick/ban catches that look like helios hook 1.0 to 2.9b
[ADDED] Option to change kick message
[ADDED] Option to specify a link to a website with the dll for manual installation

1.0b: [Fixed] Most if not all false detections
[ADDED] Player banning
[ADDED] Command to easy allow a player to not be checked

1.0 : Initial Release
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