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This is an edit of a map originally made by Kaal.

This map has gone through a number of stages. Given the title MH-Butterflies, it was originally just that. I busted out the butterflies from Animal_PACK1 but while they worked fine, the pretty little things were damned near impossible to kill. No, I take that back. They were completely impossible to kill.

So, I took the butterflies away from the monster generators on the map and put them back on as active items in each of the mounds outside of the base. They're still impossible to kill and tend to follow players around, so you're more than welcome to try and kill them after you deal with what I replaced them with.

I tried Nali first. That didn't go so well. So I switched to Cows.

The cows don't provide much of a fight and nobody playing this map is going to get a high score unless the use the golf standard. Basically this map is just for a no challenge whatsoever wholesale slaughter of cows... and to look at butterflies.

For the heck of it, I put a player bot on the map. Initially unarmed, this bot will respawn when killed and attack the monsters just like any players will. The only major difference is that if you mess with this bot, or just come near it, in all probability it will try and kill you too.

Enjoy the butterflies.

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