new monster types?

This is for discussions of the new version of Monster Hunt in the works.
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Nelsona wrote:Wafles, I don't understand what is your problem. I bet you cannot speak more than one language.
2-4 actually.
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Zombies OMG

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Keep them in Deadcity like i need to kill more zombies that eat my robot brain

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Unreal Doom!

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If you like doomlike monsters.
Load the sevenbullets ufile in UEd and you have the new pawnclass weaponholder.
Then subclass your zombies under maleX and fill in the properties from the unreal1 male bots.
Search the referred gibskin and add them under display multiskins.
But dont forget to lower the movement speed ect values and specify the weapons.

So you can have the original Unreal1 zombies and combine them with any monster which actually holds a weapon.

Heres a subclassing tutorial btw: ... =10&t=1322
Consider that you dont need a int text for pawns ... .

:420: :mad: :cry:

I also found out the combat style values:
> normal - 0.0
> agressive - 0.5
> berserk - 1.0
> cautious - -0.5
> avoidant - -1.0
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Re: new monster types?

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Actually, Combatstyle doesn't mean that.

The Higher the number is, the more likely a monster melee's

the lower, they prefer ranged.

This is why SkaarjBerserkers will run across the room to claw you instead of shooting you from a distance
armymen wrote:can some people make a warhammer 40k story using ut weapons cause i know im no good at making levels or nuttin like that

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Re: new monster types?

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I just found out that increasing the skill level above limit
makes melee damage modifications undone ... .
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