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Post by Skillz »

BatThwap Mutator v 1.0
- by Adam Stiles (Muad'dib)

BatThwap is a small mutator that I coded out of fun and out of
wanting to learn UnrealScript. What BatThwap basically does is
randomly (depending on your current weapon) pops up little "Pow!",
"Thwap!", etc signs around a player that you happen to hit with
your weapon. This is done in classic 60's Batman (tm) televsion
series style thus the name of the mutator. It also has the side
effect of often giving you a visual cue as to if you've hit your
target or not!

Unreal Tournament (duh). BatThwap has been tested using UT v4.00,
v4.13, as well as the demo version running under Linux and works
on all of those configs. I'm *assuming* that it will work correctly
under any version of UT currently available.

If you downloaded the UMOD version and are reading this, then odds
are that you've already double clicked the UMOD and have it ready
to go.

If you downloaded the manual install version of BatThwap, then all
you need to do is unzip the contents of the zip package to your
UnrealTournament\System directory. You'll also need to add the


to the [Engine.GameEngine] section of your UnrealTournament.ini

After installing, use as you would a typical mutator. Load up
UT, start a game, and select BatThwap from the mutator listings.
Note that BatThwap generates the popup signs in-game based on
what weapon you're using. Each weapon has it's own likelyhood
of generating a sign with each successful victim hit.


v1.1 - Texture directory structure problem fixed (me hopes) that
was causing the mutator to not spawn captions.

v1.0 - First release


- Epic Megagames for Unreal and Unreal Tournament!
- Tim Sweeny for providing a game engine that's so darned
logical and well set up.
- Chimeric ( for some
great coding examples.
- Digital Extremes and their mutator package - being able to
look at their "Team Beacon" code helped to clear up a lot
of trouble I had.
- Ob1-Kenobi for the umod Wizard.
- My bud Sarlock for the idea for this mutator :)


This mutator is provided "as is" so in using it you're using
it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problems
you may have with it (although I've personally had none with it).

This archive may be freely distributed as long as it remains
completely intact as it appears on my page at:

Do NOT copy code from this mutator. Looking at the code to learn
or get past a hurdle in your own programming experiences is cool
though. If my code helps you somehow, please gimme a tag line
in your readme somewhere eh? :)

This archive may not be sold or mass distributed on any form of
media without my consent. If you wish to redistribute this for
profit, contact me first.

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Re: BatThwap11ManualInstall

Post by Hermskii »

What do you see if you shoot someone with a Redeemer?

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Re: BatThwap11ManualInstall

Post by medor »

Hermskii wrote:What do you see if you shoot someone with a Redeemer?
I have v12 on server and pops up little are randomly and not according to the weapons

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Re: BatThwap11ManualInstall

Post by Kaal979 »

But bathtwap seriously sucks!
Have you ever played on RoseBums server?
There when you frag one over its head appear
prases like "wtf!" in most precious UT font!
If someone knows the mod please
post the name here.
Is a thief.

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