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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:56 pm 
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AGENT X v2.3 - Undercover Operations by East Frontiers



PACKAGE TYPE: Modification
GAME: Unreal Tournament
TYPE: Game Type
NEW GAME TYPES: Yes (read below)
SINGLEPLAYER SUPPORT: Yes (needs a little tuning, because bots can't reload their weapon)



Unzip it, and run the Undercover.umod file

2. ZIP Archive

extract the .int and .u files in the UnrealTournament\System folder
the .txt should go in your UnrealTournament\Help folder


Open up your UnrealTournament.ini file in your UnrealTournament/System directory and look for the following heading:


At the end of that subsection are ServerPackages=

Simply add the following line after the rest of the ServerPackages lines:


Now it should work just fine.

The UMOD will do this automatically.


Some other Mutators, like the UT Arena Mutators or other Weapon-Related Mutators, won't work in conjunction with the
"AGENT X - Undercover Operations" mod for obvious reasons.

UT has a NEW CATEGORY bug. After changing the categories, you have to first press the CLOSE button and then re-open
PRACTICE SESSION\NEW MULTIPLAYER GAME. I am sorry for the incovenience but it's a UT bug.


A new mod bringing new weapons, 3 new game types with unique, new and original rules.


- 12 New Weapons: Melee Knife (slash and throwing modes)
Walter P99 Pistol (with and without a silencer)
Spas 12 Shotgun
Remington 870 Shotgun
Mini UZI
Heckler & Koch MP-5 PDW (with and without a silencer)
Colt M4a1 Assault Carabine
Automat Kalashnikov Model 47 Rifle
Tactical Rocket Launcher
High Explosive Grenades
Commando Sniper Rifle (with nightvision)
Anti-Personnel Proximity Mines

- Game Types: All classic game types with the new weapons
New AgentX Category
New gametypes: Commander and Ambush, Skill To Kill

- Game Events: - realistic gunshots (shooting in a leg causes less damage then in the chest, while shooting
in the head you inflict double the damage)
- realistic shot-events (if shot in the leg you move slower)
- realistic wounds (you bleed more often, depending on wound; even if you have 100 health after
being healed you still bleed for a few seconds)
- bullet-delay (the bullets don't hit the enemies instantly... they have a small delay depending on the distance)

- Other Features: - new H.U.D. design
- new icons (a watch for ASSAULT, new flag icons for CTF)
- additional features on the H.U.D. (in CTF, the flag carrier is displayed on the H.U.D., under the corresponding flag)

- Agent X - Undercover Operations uses the "gunshot system" in the weapons classes; will make it optional by using an
internal mutator in the next version
- The "wounds" and "shot-event" mutators will be optional in the next version


- Commander: The one who achieves FIRST BLOOD is promoted to a Commander and gain 2 points. If you die, you lose 4 points.

- Skill To Kill: Every time you kill somebody you gain 3 Experience Points. If you are killed, you lose 5 Experience Points and
if you commit suicide you lose 7 Experience Points. If you have a high Experience Rating you have certain advantages
over the player with a low Rating like damage, health, armor, accuracy etc.; colors as dynamic ambient lights represent
your level\experience

- Ambush: Simple: a Team-DeathMatch based game played in rounds. (not recommended with external mutators)



- reduced chance of logging Accessed Nones to 5% ( in 15 minutes of play, it shouldn't be bigger than 250k; reduced from a 15 MB log in 5 minutes of play)
(Thanks to [2COOL4-U] and Mr.White for their help, Mr.White for showing some examples and pointing out some solutions and [2COOL4U for explaining
everything and helping me debug some files - THANKS YOU GUYS !!)
- made the Rocket Launcher "never stay"; set the respawn time: 60 seconds; added 1 rocket (used to be 30 seconds, with 2 rockets)
- Uzi ammo does not show up in game - FIXED
- you sometimes spawn without a pistol - FIXED
- knives won't fire after throwing the last knife (and leaving the slashing knife only), even after picking other knives up - FIXED
- can't switch weapon after using ALTFIRE on the knife except when pressing FIRE and then Next\Prev weapon - FIXED


- Bots don't reload
- if you set the Round Limit to 0, the round never ends and players will remain spectators (Ambush only)


- added new icons and features to it
- added 3 new and original game types with unique rules
- added Game Events (read above for details)
- added Recoil action - your screen starts to shake if the recoil is too big (automatic weapons only)
- changed H.U.D. look
- changed AltFire to RELOAD (left the external RELOAD bind in case some of you are used to it)
- re-added the Anti Personnel Proximity Mines
- removed the Translocator
- AgentX-UO now has its own category
- refinsihed some issues with weapon-balancing




- Pick-up alignment fix
- added P99 pick-up model (OBSOLETE - it's not used)
- added P99 3rd person model
- added new sounds for the Knife, M4, AK 47, Uzi, the silenced MP5 and silenced P99
- fixed animation for M4, not syncronizing with sound
- fixed animation for P99, not syncronizing with sound
- fixed animation for MP5, not syncronizing with sound
- made new sound for UZI; old sound not syncronizing with reloading animation
- added support for the RELOAD, LASER, LIGHT and N-VSION keys for ALL models
- improved reload animations rate for all weapons
- made the Rocket Launcher "never stay"; set the respawn time: 30 seconds; added 2 rockets
- 3rd person weapon alignment bug - FIXED
- Rocket Launcher crosshair texture was over the laser; couldn't remove crosshair - FIXED
- bots had no Knife \ Pistol - FIXED
- couldn't throw knife - FIXED (you can pick-up a knife thrown in a wall)
- priority list for weapons - Humans - FIXED
- priority list for weapons - Bots - FIXED
- after you reload your weapon, but want to change it, you have to fire one shot - FIXED
- the 1st person NightVision Scope texture for the Sniper Rifle - FIXED


- Uzi ammo does not show up in game
- you sometimes spawn without a pistol
- Bots don't reload


- re-written some code
- removed Status Icons - OBSOLETE - will make new HUD soon
- removed LEFT HAND for all weapons... wasn't that used anyway and most weapons weren't aligned properly
- readded the AK-47
- added two fire animations and two new sounds in the code for the AK-47
- added the SPAS 12 Shotgun
- wrote keyframes for Spas 12 (didn't know them, so I had to guess them)
- made the Sniper Rifle scope change according to the NightVision (if NV is on, the scope is green; if NV is off, it's blue)
- removed the Anti Personnel Proximity Mines
- improved recoil
- improved wall penetration (especially through glass)
- set HeadShot only for the Sniper Rifle and the Knife
- made all UT Game Types support new weapons
- added explosion for the Hunter rocket
- it randomly adds either the silenced Walter P 99, or the normal Walter P 99
- added different death messages for all weapons


- Public SDK


- First of all, I would like to thank Mr. White for granting me permission to use the AX SDK and continuing the mod, as
well as the original AX team for what they have acomplished
- I would like to thank Archon, Kristuff and Phenno for their Beta Testing
- And last, but not least, I want to thank ME !


You use this Software\Mod at your own risk. East Frontiers, Epic Games, Digital Extreme, GT Interactive or the
original AgentX team may not be held responsible for any damage that happened after or while running this mod, or
if any or all files on your HDD may have been corrupted, nor if your operating system will crash...


Unreal and Unreal Tournament are COPYRIGHT of Epic Games, Digital Extremes and GT Interactive.

All other logos are copyright of their repective owners.

You are free to distribute this Mod in any way possible (CD-Rom, multiple diskettes, E-Mail or any other way
of file transfering) as long as you do not charge money for it and keep this archive and all of its contents intact.
You may not rename the Archive or any files in here or take code and use it in your own mod and take credit
for it. Please ask for permission from the authors before editing and using any contents from this mod (code, sounds etc.).
"AGENT X - Undercover Operations" must be distributed with this document ("AgentX.txt")

Developed and Distributed by: East Frontiers

Developed by: Epic Games & Digital Extremes
Distributed by: GT Interactive

(c) 2002 East Frontiers


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